Developing Public Relations Strategy for a New Market

Efficient public relations strategy is imperative in a new market to generate understanding and interest in a business. It primarily provides the prospective consumer with information and seeks to build a positive image of the company in the market.

Public relations (PR) strategy has many facets to it. For every market, such a strategy has to factor in a slew of variables–the means and the tactics change to suit the scenario. The agenda remains to disseminate a message to a targeted audience for perception building.

For a firm venturing into a new market, PR professionals may need to aggressively hone their skills and rapidly adapt new strategies to fit the ever-altering business environment. They have to demonstrate the dexterity in integrating inbound marketing tactics into the mix.

The PR industry in the new market may be fundamentally different. However, rather than making massive changes in their approach, seasoned PR professionals would break them down into executable strategies that can be applied one at a time.

In any case, PR professionals need not build a new skill set from scratch. Their existing skills and experience have enormous value. Whether entering into an entirely new product range or a business vertical, or improving the current markets, an experienced team would be well connected within the media. A business would require consistent media coverage in order to establish their new brand as a market leader.

PR campaigns must be customized to an organization’s needs, in sync with the comprehensive marketing strategy and brand positioning. It must be tuned to provide the client with optimum benefits based on the image management done through the PR campaigns.

With a strong marketing strategy in place, solid PR campaigns would propel the activities to maximize exposure to the target audiences. Marketing strategy, branding and public relations work in tandem to convey the company’s strengths. The objective is to deliver a clear, jargon-free story to the audiences. Conventional as well as online media is used for promoting the objectives of a business firm.

The quality of products and services notwithstanding, the buyers/subscribers are unlikely to make it to the door unprompted. Coherent promotional activities that include public relations, attract the intended of media attention.

Public relations whether in new markets or the existing is all about perception. Objective of all promotional activities is to move the customers from total lack of awareness and connect them to the brand through its values.

The fundamental of public relations is all about creating perceptions in the marketplace. Technically, the public relations efforts will be in tandem with other elements such as advertising, promotion and packing. In marketing jargon, it is termed promotional mix. The basics of promotional mix are always the same, regardless of the market. However, for a company handling public relations in a new market, outsourcing the task to a public relations company will work.

A leading perception company will be able to assist in fields like issue management, business intelligence and corporate social communications. One just needs to do adequate research and zero in on a company that has a solid track record in the field.

Setting up Pharma Public Relations goals

In any venture, having the right publicity is crucial to it’s success. Sure you can develop a groundbreaking cure, or design the next breakthrough in microchip architecture, but if no one knows about it, it might as well not exist for the rest of the world. Getting the word out about these developments can revolutionize the world and bring about a great amount of good. And I am not just talking about public acknowledgement and profits. This is why you would want a public relations team leading the charge, and bringing your product, or idea to fruition in the marketplace. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is no different. Makovsky + Company is a powerhouse in the public relations field, and has been for over 30 years, and their expertise in pharma public relations will set you part.

So what exactly do you get when you partner with a pharma public relations firm like Makovsky + Company? You and your organization gain access to a team of dedicated specialists, whose expertise spans the entire length of pharmaceutical development, as well as the entirety of public relations. But what does that mean? In essence, it means you will be joining a firm who understands what it means to be a pharmaceutical company. They understand the challenges one faces from the day you decide to research anew compound, set out to cure a disease, or manufacture a new, safer alternative to a drug already on the market.

Whatever the case may be, Makovsky + Company has the right approach to your pharma public relations goals. By combining our resource we are able to generate a tailored approach to getting the product known by your target demographic, be it inside the health industry or to the general public. Our specialized approach will ensure that this is done as effectively as possible, which is nothing innovative.

Where our specialized approach really makes all the difference, is in the event of a disaster. I know nobody goes out expecting things to go wrong, but in reality you have to be prepared for them. We cannot guarantee that will have a designed a solution to every possible mishap, but we can promise that we will aggregate all our resources to repair your reputation and protect your image. It is in the most difficult times that having the best pharma public relations team in your corner that you would understand what separates us from the pack.

At Makovsky + Company, we are dedicated to helping our clients reach their goals and possibly exceeding them. So when it comes time to pick a pharma public relations firm or even a public relations firm in general, you know that if you decide to join us at Makovsky + Company you will get the best possible service. This means you can focus on developing your products and advancing the pharmaceutical industry to new heights. Saving and improving lives is your business, ours is making sure it gets used by those who benefit most.

The Relation Between a Public Relation Agency and an NGO

The past few years have seen a huge growth in the number of NGOs. The change has been so fast that these organisations operating at different national, state and international levels have become influential agents of change. There are many ways in which you can differentiate between an NGO and a business and corporate organisation. The primary point of difference is that of ownership. The second difference is that an NGO is driven by a value motive while a commercial organisation is driven by the motive of profit.
Now, when we talk of the relationship between an NGO and a PR agency then it is important for you to know that this relationship is a very interesting one. It is true that the connection between a PR agency and an NGO are not heard together. However, the first step taken by an NGO is to develop an effective campaign. And the promotion of the campaign involves communication expertise right from the very beginning.

Social marketing relates to the tools that are used for marketing after closely studying individual behaviour in order to promote a cause. Today, the platforms of social media are led too much by the audience and therefore PR agencies relinquish control of this media by giving away just as much information is required to be generated.

To cite an example the campaign named Vision Week had been a great success recently. It was organised from 12th to 16th May this year. This campaign was based solely on Twitter and Facebook, two of the most powerful social media platforms of the 21st century. People were asked to post their image on these two platforms and the followers who wear spectacles pledged to contribute 1 pound to the charity. The aim was to raise around 2000 pounds from the campaign that would be used to cast away poverty by improving eye care access in the less developed countries like Burkino Faso and Ethiopia.

This campaign was organised by the popular international NGO known as Vision Aid Overseas. This NGO had taken the help of a PR agency for this purpose. The agency had performed the job of social media marketing by making people aware and encouraging them to take part in the campaign in the best possible way. The development director Jeremy Jalie of this NGO believed that the campaign was a great one as anyone could have taken part in it. Also, the campaign had been promoted by the public relation agency involved in the most perfect manner.

The relation between an NGO and a PR agency therefore is an unavoidable one. The modern day public relation agency knows all the tricks and techniques to engage a large number of audience and getting them involved in any campaign that is organised by an NGO. However, while working for an NGO, the work of a public relation agency just does not end here. It involves a lot of other work that goes a long way in making any campaign or project highly successful.